The Slammer Tool

The Slammer is an industrial grade commercial multi-purpose tool that is a combination of a crowbar, axe, spade, mattock/grubber all in one.

It was initially designed for removing bamboo but now is used for a huge variety of tasks saving time and money in labour intensive industries.

Why Use It?

It is very useful for all sorts of tough, tight jobs and excellent for people with sensitive backs. It makes difficult jobs easier as it enables the user to keep an upright position and good posture.

The Slammer Tool is an inexpensive manual option to heavy machinery equipment or herbicide use. It is efficient and environmentally friendly.

How It Works

The Slammer Tool uses the downward force of the inner bar to slam the cutting blade through dense soil conditions, root systems associated with well-established plants and hard materials.

The simple, solid construction ensures a tool built to last and endure robust use.

The Slammer Tool is the first industrial multipurpose tool that combines an axe, crowbar and mattock all in one.

Simple Made Strong